‘Days History’: March 24 — Shawn and Bell leave Salem

days of our lives shawn and belle


“Days of Our Lives” history: March 24

On this day, March 24th, in “Days of Our Lives” history, Shawn and Belle left Salem with daughter Claire to sails around the world on the Fancy Face 4.

The year was 2008, and “Shelle” fans were devastated to learn that Shawn and Belle were leaving the show. That was six years ago, and Hope still sometimes speaks about Shawn D.

Fans of the “Days” super couple are still anticipating a comeback for them, but it would be interesting to see who would play the characters.

Watch Shawn and Belle say goodbye in the clip below.

“Days” history: March 7 — Tom and Alice Horton’s wedding anniversary

days of our lives tom and alice horton


“Days of Our Lives” history: March 7

On this day in “Days of Our Lives” history, Tom and Alice Horton got married.

The couple, who were one of Salem’s finest, celebrated their wedding anniversary every year, and for their 25th and 50th anniversaries had a big party surrounded by their children, family members, and close friends.

Tom and Alice were one of the most beloved couples in Salem, and although they are both passed, their legacy lives on in the lives of the characters on “Days of Our Lives,” as well in the show itself.

Happy Anniversary Tom and Alice!

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‘Days of Our Lives’ history: Feb. 28 – Sami becomes Stan

days of our lives sami brady stan


“Days of Our Lives” history: February 28.

On this day in “Days” history Sami Brady, played by Alison Sweeney, became a man…Stan!

It all started when Alison needed to leave the show for maternity reasons and the writers decided to go in an interesting way, by disguising her character Sami as a man, Stan, played by a male actor.

Sami hid behind “Stan” to get revenge on her enemies, but ended up regretting the decision when her son, Will, was mortified when it all came out, and “Stan” costumes began selling in Salem stores.

Check out the clip below.

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‘Days’ History: Feb. 27 – Arianne Zucker debuts as Nicole


days of our lives nicole walker arianne zucker


“Days of Our Lives” history: February 27.

While Arianne Zucker is now a “Days of Our Lives” staple, the same couldn’t be said of the fresh faced newcomer in 1998.

Ari debuted as Nicole Walker and had her first scenes playing a pretty young waitress with Eric Brady, then played by Jenson Ackles.

Nicole was a mystery to Eric, but caught his eye right away and the two would go on to have an on again, off again love story that is still playing out today, 16 years later.

“Days” has been good to Arianne Zucker. Not only do the fans love Nicole Walker, but she also met her husband, Kyle Lowder, (ex-Brady Black) on the NBC soap.

Congrats on another anniversary, Ari. We’re so glad you’ve stuck around.

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Enjoy the clip of Arianne’s first scenes below.

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‘Days’ History: Feb. 26 – Patrick Lockhart comes to town

days of our lives patrick lockhart


“Days of Our Lives” history: February 26.

While the days of the ‘DOOL’ cool kids, Belle, Shawn, Mimi, Rex, Phillip, and Chloe are long gone, we remember them fondly thanks to YouTube!

On this day in “Days” history in 2004, not only was Belle mistaken that Shawn was going to propose to her, Phillip was pining away for Belle, and Rex was asking for permission to marry Mimi.

However, Mimi had another surprise coming, her big brother, Patrick Lockhart, played by the hunky Brody Hutzler (Can we bring him back?!) came to town.

Patrick would later go on to deliever Jack Jr. (J.J. who is named Jack Patrick after him,) and romance Billie and Hope.

Enjoy the clip from 2004 below.

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‘Days’ History: Feb. 23 – Will’s first gay kiss

will horton gay kiss days of our lives


“Days of Our Lives” history: February, 23.

“Days” fans have come to love Will and Sonny as Salem’s first openly gay couple. However, Will wasn’t always so open about his sexuality. On this day in 2012, Will had his first kiss with another man.

When he first began to realize he was gay, it was Sonny who helped him through the tough time, but Sonny wasn’t the one to give him his first kiss.

Sonny invited Will to hang out with him and a few friends, one of which Will planted a big kiss on, his first gay kiss, leading to an eye opening realization from Will.

Check out the clip below.

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