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Amanda: Amanda has been a ‘Days’ fan for over 20 years, and has watched the drama go down in Salem since she was a child. Her favorite moments include Carly being buried alive and Sami’s almost execution. Her favorite ‘Days’ Couple is Shawn and Belle and EJ and Sami.

JoAnn: For JoAnn watching ‘Days of Our Lives’ is a family tradition. Her mother got her hooked on the soap, and she passed the love for Salem down to her daughters. Her favorite story line was Marlena’s possession, and her favorite ‘Days’ couple will always be Bo and Hope.

Casey: Casey’s been watching ‘Days’ since she was a kid. Her DVR is always full of recent episodes, and she loves to scour YouTube for old clips. Her favorite ‘Days’ story line was the Salem Stalker, and her favorite couple is Rex and Mimi.

Kerri: Kerri loves all the drama that the fictional town of Salem has to offer, and would live there if given the chance. Her favorite ‘Days’ couple is Eric and Nicole.

Kayla: Kayla is a newer ‘Days of Our Lives’ fan, but can’t get enough of the soap. Her favorite couple is Sami and EJ.

Josh: Josh was raised on ‘Days’ and is a fan of new super couple Will and Sonny.

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