‘Days’ Discussion: Is it time to deal with Bo and Hope?

days of our lives bo and hope

days of our lives bo and hope

“Days of Our Lives” fans are getting tired of seeing Hope without Bo. Although actor Peter Reckell left “Days” in 2012, his character has been kept alive by phone calls and conversation.

Is it time to deal with Bo and Hope now?

However, it seems like it may finally be time to deal with the Bo situation. Hope is raising their daughter, Ciara, alone, and it’s not easy for the single mom.

Will Hope move on with Aiden?

Meanwhile, many fans think that Hope and Aiden will eventually make a love connection. So, where does this leave Bo?

How should it be done?

Should “Days of Our Lives” recast the role of Bo Brady, should he and Hope get a divorce, or should the character be killed off?

Either way, it’s time to make a decision, not only for the fans, but for Hope and Ciara as well.

Bo has always been a family man, and him leaving his family for over a year just doesn’t sit well. So, if Peter Reckell doesn’t want to return to the show, it seems the writers have a challenge ahead of them.

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