‘Days’ Discussion: Will Kristen bring a baby back to Salem?

days of our lives kristen dimera


days of our lives kristen dimera

Eileen Davidson is back on the “Days of Our Lives” set which means Kristen DiMera will be back in Salem sometime this summer, but what will she bring with her?

Will Kristen return with a pregnant belly, or a baby?

Some fans believe that Kristen could have left Salem pregnant, and when she returns she’ll have a big surprise for everyone. (A pregnancy or baby.)

Of course the big question if this happens will be who’s the father? Could it be Kristen’s former fiancé, Brady Black, or the man she drugged into having sex with her, Eric Brady?

Would Brady and Eric be able to recover?

The rift between these step-brothers is already huge, and this potential story line could be even more damaging to the Brady/Black brood.

Kristen’s faked a pregnancy before…

However, there is a third option. Kristen has faked a pregnancy before, with John. In fact, she convinced EJ’s mother, Susan Banks, to pretend EJ was Kristen’s son with John, until it all came crashing down on her.

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