‘Days of Our Lives’ couple spotlight: Shawn and Belle

shawn and belle days of our lives

shawn and belle days of our lives

“Days of Our Lives” has seen it’s share of power couples, but Shawn and Belle, or Shelle, as fans called them, were different.

Belle and Shawn of course met when they were very young. As the child of other “Days” super couples, John and Marlena and Bo and Hope, the two were destined for each other right from the start.

When Shawn Douglas came back to Salem after leaving boarding school Belle immediately caught his eye, and it was love at first sight.

“Shelle” had some great moments together, like finding Alice Horton’s ruby in Puerto Rico, and the Last Blast dance, but hard times soon came up on the couple.

Now only did the evil Jan pretend to be pregnant with Shawn’s baby, and later hold him captive, Belle cheated on Shawn with Phillip, and got pregnant with Claire, whom she thought was Phillip’s daughter.

Shawn went on to find love with Belle’s former best friend, Mimi Lockhart, but he and Belle couldn’t stay away from each other, and when they finally found out the truth about Claire’s patenity, there was nothing standing in their way.

Belle and Shawn left “Days of Our Lives” together in 2008 with their daughter, but fans are still hopeful that “Shelle” could return to Salem at any time!

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