‘Days of Our Lives’: EJ dumps Abby, Meltdown to follow?

days of our lives abby ej

days of our lives abby ej

EJ dumps Abby, but she’ll fight for him!

“Days of Our Lives” fans have been watching as EJ and Abby carrying on a secret affair behind Sami’s back, but that could all change this week.

According to the latest “Days” spoilers, EJ and Sami will finally get back into bed together during the week of Feb. 17-21, and this is not good news for Abigail.

Sami and EJ finally hit the sheets

After Sami and EJ’s night of passion, EJ will tell Abby once and for all that he loves his fiancé, and that they can no longer make the mistake of being intimate together.

Will Abby break down over her feelings for EJ?

Of course, Abby, who has admitted in the past that she knows her affair with EJ is wrong, but simply doesn’t care, won’t go down without a fight, and intends to keep EJ in her life somehow. (Is this where our predicted meltdown comes in?)

Will EJ and Abby end their affair on “Days of Our Lives,” or will Abigail hatch a plan to keep seducing EJ behind Sami’s back?

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