‘Days of Our Lives’: Horton Family Tree

days of our lives horton family tree

days of our lives horton family tree
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On ‘Days of Our Lives’ the Horton Family is known as the First Family of Salem. They, along with the Brady clan are the two biggest families in the town, are are at the heart of the show. Tom and Alice Horton are the original power couple of ‘Days.’

Horton Family Tree

First Generation:

  • William Horton I (wife Adelaide Horton)
  • Sid Grayson (wife Abigail Grayson)

Second Generation:

  • Dr. Thomas Horton (wife Alice Grayson)

Third Generation:

  • Thomas “Tommy” Horton Jr. (wife Kitty Horton)
  • Adelaide “Addie” Horton (husbands Ben Olson, Doug Williams)
  • Michael “Mickey” Horton (wife Maggie Simmons)
  • William “Bill” Horton (wife Laura Spencer)
  • Marie Horton (husbands Craig Merritt, Neil Curtis)

Fourth Generation:

  • Sandy Horton
  • Julie Olson Williams (husbands Scott Banning Sr., Robert Anderson Sr., Doug Williams)
  • Steven Olson
  • Hope Williams Brady (husbands Larry Welch, Bo Brady)
  • Melissa Horton (Adopted)
  • Sarah Horton
  • Mike Horton (wife Margo Anderman)
  • Jennifer Horton (husbands Lawrence Alamain, Peter Blake, Jack Deveraux)
  • Lucas Horton (wives Nicole Walker, Carrie Reed, Sami Brady, Chloe Lane)
  • Jessica Blake (husband Joshua Fallon)

Fifth Generation:

  • Spencer Olson
  • David Banning (wife Trish Clayton)
  • Shawn Douglas Brady (wife Isabella “Belle” Black)
  • Beauregard Theo Isaac “Zack” Brady
  • Ciara Alice Brady
  • Nathan Horton
  • Jeremy Horton
  • Abigail Johanna Deveraux
  • Jack Patrick “J.J.” Deveraux
  • William Robert “Will” Horton
  • Alice Caroline “Allie” Horton
  • Nicholas “Nick” Fallon

Sixth Generation:

  • Scott Banning II
  • Claire Brady
  • Arianna Grace Horton




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