‘Days of Our Lives’ recap: Blackmail — Mon. Feb 17, 2014

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Here’s what you missed on “Days of Our Lives” on Monday, February 18, 2014.

Sami gets attitude from Gabi

  • Sami runs into Gabi at Horton Square
  • Gabi tells Sami that Nick could have changed.
  • Sami is appalled by the idea of Gabi giving Nick another chance.
  • Gabi reminds Sami that she returned to EJ after he did horrible things to her.

Nick and EJ come face to face

  • Nick and EJ have a bitter exchange.
  • Nick tells EJ that he won’t bother him and Sami as long as he’s left alone.

Nick and Gabi have lunch together

  • Gabi sees Nick at the Brady Pub and the two share a meal together.

Hope and Aiden’s tension grows

  • Jennifer throws JJ a party after he gets probation.
  • Jen invites Aiden and Hope to join them.
  • Ciara gets angry when she sees Aiden at Jennifer’s house.

Theresa demands sex and money from Daniel

  • Theresa demands that Daniel sleep with her and date her.
  • Theresa says she’ll settle for a pay off instead.
  • Daniel writes Theresa a check, but before he can sign it JJ arrives at his apartment.

Abby and EJ’s private moment seen by Sami

  • EJ sees Abby, and the two go to speak in private.
  • Abby tells EJ that she got upset when she saw him holding Sami’s hand.
  • Abby asks EJ if Sami would forgive him if she knew about their affair.
  • Sami sees the two during their private moment.

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