‘Days of Our Lives’ recap: June 27, 2014 – The Past

days of our lives recap daniel nicole

days of our lives recap daniel nicole

Here’s what you missed on “Days of Our Lives” on Friday, June 27, 2014.

  • Marlena tells Daniel that Nicole refused to help Eric get his job back as a priest.
  • Later, Daniel goes to meet with the Bishop, and is shocked when Nicole arrives.
  • Jordan tells Ben that she plans to tell Rafe the truth about her past.
  • Sami is still glowing when she runs into Abby, and is happy that Ben will be her date for the wedding.
  • Later Rafe warns Sami about marrying EJ, whom she defends.
  • Hope and Aiden meet Giselle to go over plans for the gala, and Roman arrives.
  • Marlena becomes jealous as Giselle flirts with her ex-husband.
  • Hope and Aiden are happy to see that their children are now friends.
  • Chase tells Hope he misses his mother, when Hope questions it, Aiden overhears and is not happy.

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