‘Days of Our Lives’ recap: Shower Power — Wed. Feb. 5, 2014

days of our lives ej and abby

days of our lives ej and abby

Here’s what you missed on “Days of Our Lives” on Feb. 5, 2014.

Sami nearly catches EJ with Abbigail!

  • Sami nearly catches EJ and Abby having sex in the shower.
  • EJ covers up his affair
  • Abby overhears that Sami and EJ are not sharing a bed.

Daniel and Nicole finally get Dr. Chyka

  • Daniel and Nicole apprehend Dr. Chyka.
  • Chyka refuses to give a confession to clear Eric’s name.
  • Chyka freaks out when he sees Daniel fill a syringe with mysterious liquid.

Stefano’s at it again

  • Stefano and Abe discuss family loyalty during a visit with Theo.
  • Stefano orders henchmen Ricardo to track down Chyka and neutralize him.

Eric debates the future of his career

  • Eric and Brother Timothy discuss his career dilemma.
  • Timothy suggests that Eric become a monk, and idea that Eric quickly shoots down.

Theresa finds out JJ set her up!

  • Theresa finds out that JJ set her up.
  • JJ offers Theresa a deal. If she keeps her blackmail video private, so will he.
  • Theresa says she’s willing to expose JJ and go to prison herself if it means ruining Jennifer life.
  • Abe overhears the two arguing and interrupts wanting to know if everything’s alright.



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