‘Days of Our Lives’ recap: Thurs. March 6, 2014 — Surprise


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Here’s what you missed on “Days of Our Lives” on Thursday, March 6, 2014.

Marlena and Eric disagree over Nicole

  • Marlena tries to discourage Eric from having a relationship with Nicole.
  • Nicole interrupts, and is moved by Eric’s devotion to her.
  • Nicole continues to feel guilty.
  • Nicole packs her things to move into the Salem Inn.
  • Nicole tells Daniel she needs to tell him a secret.

Marlena is stunned to run into John

  • Marlena meets with Stefano, who agrees to set up a chat between her and Dr. Chyka.
  • Marlena later is stunned to run into John.

Jennifer breaks up with Liam

  • Daniel and Jennifer express their commitment to each other.
  • Daniel visits Hope at the bake sale.
  • Daniel meets Aiden and they hit it off.
  • Daniel invites Hope and Aiden to dinner with he and Jennifer.
  • Jennifer calls it quits with Liam.
  • Liam explodes in anger then quickly apologizes.

Eric starts his new job

  • Later, Eric arrives for his job orientation.

Rafe wants Jordan to stay in Salem

  • Ben hears Rafe tell Kate that Jordan is leaving town.
  • Rafe asks Jordan to meet him before she leaves Salem for good.

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