‘Days of Our Lives’ recap: Tues. Feb 25, 2014 — Defense

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Here’s what you missed on “Days of Our Lives” on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.

Nicole feels guilty

  • Nicole feels guilty and tries to correct her mistake, but is nearly caught by Brady.
  • Nicole returns to the apartment, interrupting Daniel and Jennifer’s kiss.
  • Jennifer leaves, and Nicole wants to tell Daniel what she’s done.
  • Eric interrupts them, and the two share a moment.
  • Eric defends Nicole to Theresa.

Jennifer and Daniel are back together

  • Daniel tells Theresa that he and Jennifer are back together, and warns her to stay away.

Sami and EJ set a wedding date

  • Sami tells EJ she’s furious with Stefano and Kristen.
  • Sami and EJ decide on a May wedding.

JJ tries to help Abby

  • Abby tells JJ it’s over with her older man.
  • JJ tells Abby the truth about the night Theresa overdosed.

Brady’s downward spiral

  • Brady accuses Victor and Maggie of having him followed.
  • Victor denies it, and later makes a mysterious call.
  • Brady calls Theresa and they plan to meet at her house.

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