‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: March 17-21, 2014

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Here are your spoilers for the week ahead on “Days of Our Lives.”

Monday, March 17

  • Daniel talks to Nicole about the evidence he found.
  • Jennifer tries to figure out who’s harassing her.
  • Sami tells EJ she knows why he’s sneaking around.
  • Adrienne asks Abby about her secret.

Tuesday, March 18

  • EJ tells Abby he’ll be part of his child’s life.
  • Sami and Lucas bond over their past.
  • Liam’s interest surprises Theresa.
  • Rory and Bev play a trick on J.J.

Wednesday, March 19

  • EJ and Abby get the pregnancy test results.
  • Ben learns Jordan is staying in town because of Rafe.
  • Brady catches Theresa with Liam.
  • J.J. learns what Rory and Bev did.

Thursday, March 20

  • Nicole tries to seduce Eric.
  • Maggie finds Theresa and Brady together.
  • Jennifer and Daniel host their dinner party.

Friday, March 21

  • Maxine brings up the subject of marriage with Daniel and Jennifer.
  • Eric has doubts about his future with Nicole.
  • Hope and Aiden reach an understanding.
  • Kate and Stefano have dinner.

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