‘Days of Our Lives’ Weekly Preview: Kristen and Marlena Struggle, Someone Dies?

Days of Our Lives spoilers Kristen

Days of Our Lives spoilers Kristen

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week are pretty exciting. It looks like Marlena will show up in Italy to confront Kristen and make it a party as Brady, Melanie, and Theresa will also be there as well. However, Marlena and Kristen’s bad blood could possibly turn deadly.

According to the Days of Our Lives About Page, Kristen blames Marlena for stealing John Black from her all those years ago, as well as turning Brady Black against her causing him to call off their wedding. Kristen will even pull a gun on Marlena!

“You took John from me. You turned Brady against me. Today’s about payback.”

However, Brady will come in at just the right moment to find Kristen holding his step-mother at gun point. Brady’s entrance will distract Kristen just enough for Marlena to grab the gun away from her. When the two women struggle, Marlena will push Kristen away and Miss DiMera will lose her footing and fall out a window. Stunned, Marlena and Brady will see Kristen’s body lying on the ground. Is she dead, or will the soap bring her back at a later date to cause trouble? Only time will tell.

According to We Love Soaps, the entire week on Days of Our Lives will be interesting as Chad and Abigail will continue to be drawn closer together, and Theresa Donovan will finally be reunited with her son, a baby boy whom Kristen DiMera stole from her whom and named Christopher.



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