‘Days of Our Lives’ weekly recap: July 7-11, 2014

days of our lives sami kate

days of our lives sami kate

“Days of Our Lives” weekly recap. Here’s what you missed on the week of July 7-11, 2014.


  • Sami tricks EJ into handing over his shares of the company.
  • Stefano calls Kate for a favor, and gives her his shares of the company as well.
  • Nicole tries to get an exclusive about Sami and EJ from Eric.
  • Nicole offers EJ help, and the two get into a huge fight.
  • Clyde arrives in Salem to find Jordan and Ben.
  • Maggie finds a hungover Brady and tries to help him yet again.


  • Sami and Kate make themselves co-CEO’s at DiMera Enterprises.
  • EJ summons Abby, who tells him she won’t lie for him about hiring a hitman to kill Nick.
  • Clyde see Rafe and Jordan share a kiss.
  • Clyde breaks into Jordan’s apartment.
  • John is crushed when he finds out Brady doesn’t want a relationship with him.
  • Later, Brady tells Theresa he wants to get high and have an exciting adventure.


  • Eve fires Daniel as her surgeon, apologizing for her sister Theresa’s behavior.
  • Eve asks Daniel on a date since they’re no longer working together.
  • Jen tells JJ that she’s going to settle Eve’s lawsuit as painlessly as possible.
  • Later, Paige tells JJ that her mom knows about his past with drugs.


  • Sami tells EJ that she knows about his affair with Abigail, and that she’s the new CEO of the company.
  • Later, Sami visits Abby and Jennifer at home to carry on her revenge plan.
  • Jen’s encounter with Eve is not what she expected, when she offers to settle, but Eve wants more money.
  • Hope and Aiden prepare for the big gala.
  • At the gala when Hope and Aiden see each other dressed up there is a romantic charge between them.
  • Brady and Theresa are in Vegas, drinking and partying, but eventually Brady passes out.


  • Hope takes Aiden’s breath away with her beauty at the gala.
  • Marlena is roped into being the emcee.
  • Hope and Aiden dance the Waltz and share an electric moment.
  • Sami blasts Abby for sleeping with EJ in front of Jen.
  • Sami reveals that Abby believed EJ got her pregnant.
  • JJ confronts Eve for torturing his mother and eventually call a truce.
  • Paige is surprised to find that Eve and JJ have nearly worked things out.



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