Days of Our Lives weekly recap: June 30 – July 4, 2014

Days of Our Lives recap: June 30 - July 4.

Days of Our Lives recap: June 30 – July 4. (NBC)

Here’s what you missed on “Days of Our Lives” the week of June 30 through July 4, 2014.


  • Kate is stunned when she learns Clyde is Jordan and Ben’s father.
  • Jodan tells Ben she needs to come clean with Rafe.
  • Daniel is surprised to see Nicole at the Bishop’s office.
  • Jennifer tells JJ about Eve’s lawsuit.
  • Eve visits her sister Theresa.
  • Hope asks Chase about his mom, but Aidens puts a stop to it.


  • Sami invites Lucas to her wedding.
  • Abby tells EJ she never wants to see him again after the wedding.
  • Rafe is given info that could ruin Sami’s wedding day.
  • Eve wonders if she and Theresa can put aside their differences to work against Jennifer.
  • Eve flirts with Brady.
  • Jen reaches out to Daniel, who rejects her.


  • Chaos erupts at Sami and EJ’s wedding.
  • EJ is arrested for tax evasion.
  • Jordan tries to tell Rafe about her past, but he’s torn away by work.
  • Hope tries to ask Aiden about his wife, but he deflects the question.
  • Roman uses Giselle to make Marlena jealous.


  • EJ thinks Stefano is to blame for his troubles.
  • Marlena and Roman rush to Sami’s side after EJ’s arrested.
  • JJ graduates, but the mood is ruined when he learns of Eve’s lawsuit.
  • Jennifer tells JJ that Eve is Theresa’s sister.


  • Adrienne convinces Sonny and Will to come to the Fourth of July picnic.
  • Theresa shares a warm moment with Caroline.
  • Eve tries to charm Daniel, who tells her he doesn’t mix business and pleasure.
  • Paige confronts JJ about keeping something for her.
  • Abby tells Daniel that Jennifer needs him right now.
  • Daniel shows up for Jen, but they can’t work through their issues.