‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Week of April 14 – 18, 2014

days of our lives rafe


‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Week of April 14 – 18, 2014


  • Gabi makes a surprising announcement to Will.
  • Rafe is furious about Gabi and Nick.
  • Nicole tries to discover why Liam was at Daniels.


  • Liam blackmails Nicole.
  • Will blasts Sami for attacking Gabi.
  • Rafe gives Nick a warning.


  • Nicole tries to come clean to Daniel.
  • Eric tells Marlena he’s going to marry Nicole.


  • Rafe tries to find out what everyone is hiding about Gabi.
  • Brady tells Theresa he has to stop seeing her.


  • EJ receives incriminating photos of he and Abby.
  • Rafe investigate Nick.
  • Hope is put in an awkward position involving Roman.


  • Daniel wants to go after Theresa but Jennifer talks him out of it.
  • Aiden confides in Marlena.
  • Rafe punches Nick.
  • Nick gives Rafe a chilling warning.
  • Marybeth stirs up trouble for JJ and Paige.
  • Gabi freaks when Will brings up a custody agreement.

JJ and Paige share their first kiss.

‘Days of Our Lives’: Brady Family Tree

days of our lives brady family tree


The Brady Family is Salem’s other prominent family. They are known for their contribution in the police force as well as their family outcasts and troublemakers. The family is a close knit group  known for being headed by Shawn and Caroline Brady. They also own and operate the popular “Brady Pub,” one of Salem’s most popular establishments. The Brady’s and the Horton’s have often married, and power couple Bo and Hope are a great example of a Brady/Horton union.

Brady Family Tree

First Generation:

  • Patrick Aloysius Brady
  • Nora Molly Brady

Second Generation:

  • Peter Brady

Third Generation:

  • Colleen Brady
  • Eric Brady I
  • Shawn Brady (wife Caroline Brady)
  • Molly Murphy

Fourth Generation:

  • Ryan Brady
  • Roman Brady (wives Marlena Evans, Kate Roberts)
  • Kimberly Brady Donovan (husband Shane Donovan)
  • Kayla Brady (husband Steve Johnson)
  • Beauregard “Bo” Brady (wife Hope Williams Brady)
  • Frankie Brady
  • Max Brady
  • Colin Murphy

Fifth Generation:

  • Carrie Brady (husband Austin Reed, Lucas Roberts-Horton)
  • Eric Brady
  • Sami Brady (husbands Lucas Horton, Austin Reed, EJ Dimera)
  • Rex Brady
  • Cassie Brady
  • Andrew Shawn Donovan
  • Jeannie Theresa Donovan
  • Stephanie Kay Johnson
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Shawn Douglas Brady (wife Isabella “Belle” Black)
  • Chelsea Brady
  • Beauregard Theo Isaac “Zack” Brady
  • Ciara Alice Brady

Sixth Generation:

  • Will Horton
  • Johnny DiMera
  • Allie Horton
  • Sydney DiMera
  • Grace Brady
  • Claire Brady

Seventh Generation:

Ariana Horton


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