‘Days of Our Lives’ Chad and Gabi Falling In Love?

days of our lives spoilers: Billy Flynn cast as Chad DiMera.

Billy Flynn

“Days of Our Lives” fans are watching Chad and Gabi grow closer each day. Will these two end up together before all is said and done, and if so, what about J.J. and Abigail, who viewers know is not actually dead? Will these two get together just in time to be torn apart by Abigail’s return?

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chad and Gabi Romance Brewing?

Days of Our Lives Gabi


“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that JJ will catch Chad and Gabi in a compromising position. The two will end up locked in the panic room at the Kiriakis mansion, and while comforting each other they may realize that some old feelings have returned. Of course, this would make things super awkward with JJ, and eventually Abigail when she returns from “the dead.”

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‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Gabi facing life in prison

days of our lives spoilers gabi


Days of Our Lives fans were stunned to hear Gabi Hernandez confess to the murder of NickFallon just before Will Horton was set to be arrested for the crime.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Gabi facing life in prison for Nick’s murder

Gabi, who was previously married toNick, was probably the one most affected by the victim’s reign of terror in Salem, and just couldn’t let Will confess to a crime that she committed.

Of course, now that Gabi has confessed to the murder, she’ll be facing life in prison, or worse, the death penalty, which Will’s mother, Sami Brady, knows all too well about.

Gabi leaving Days of Our Lives

Gabi’s confession will not only send her to prison, but she’ll also be forced to say goodbye to her 1-year-old daughter, Ariana, who will likely be in the full time care of her father, Will, and his husband, Sonny, from now on. Of course, Uncle Rafe now has rights also thanks to Gabi’s well timed custody agreement.

Many fans already know that the actress who plays Gabi has left the show, and hasn’t been recast, so it’s fair to say that Gabi will be spending a long time in prison. Gabi will tell the full story about how she killed Nick this week on Days of Our Lives.

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Will Gabi confess to Nick’s murder?

days of our lives gabi and rafe


Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lucas Horton has quickly become the main suspect in the murder of Nick Fallon. However, itcould be Gabi who ends up confessing to the murder.

Days of Our LIvesspoilers: Will Gabi confess to Nick’s murder?

Lucas may not of shot Nick, and is adamantly proclaiming his innocence, but does he know something about who really pulled the trigger?

Now that we know for sure that Sami and EJ’s hitman didn’t gun down Nick, that means someone else did, and with the attention on Lucas, it seems the real person may come forward with the truth, and that person could very likely be Gabi.

This week Gabi will make a surprising request when it comes to the custody agreement between her and her daughter’s father, Will Horton, (Lucas’ son.) is it to ensure that Ariana will be taken care of while Gabi is in prison for murder?

Days of Our Lives fans know that the actress who plays Gabi has already left the show, and her role has seemingly not been recast, so she’s going to have to leave somehow, right? Why not leave be going off to prison for Nick’s murder?

Gabi is leaving the show

Gabi’s got a huge motive to want to kill Nick. He was holding evidence over her head that could send her to jail, he was controlling her life, messing with her family and friends, and she needed to keep Ariana safe from his clutches.

Meanwhile, half of Salem also wanted Nick dead, so it could be someone unexpected that actually pulled the trigger. Only time will tell.

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‘Days’ Today: Nicole gets dirt on Liam, Nick scares Gabi

days of our lives nicole and liam


“Days of Our Lives” fans may still be reeling from Monday’s intense, yet mostly unneeded episode in which EJ daydreams about what it would be like if Sami found out about his affair with Abby.

However, on Tuesday it’s back to business as usual as Nicole will dig up some very interesting dirt on Liam, and Nick will scare Gabi into thinking Sami’s trying to take Ari away from her.

So, first things first. What will Nicole find out about Liam? Well, we know that an actress has been cast to play Liam’s ex-wife, and we wonder if Nicole will find out that Liam has a scary past, or that he’s been stalking Jennifer. Perhaps she’ll uncover Liam’s involvement in Daniel’s drugging.

Either way, Liam’s got some dirt on Nicole as well, so will Nicole speak out about Liam, or burry the info like she did in her situation with Eric?

Meanwhile, Nick is still being manipulative, and no one faces his underhanded wrath like Gabi.

Nick will totally convince Gabi that Sami is conspiring to get her daughter, Ariana, away from her and get her to a lawyer (Aiden) to create a custody agreement for the baby, but will the agreement be fair to Will and Sonny?

Tune in to find out how it all plays out.

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Will Rafe find out Gabi’s secret?

days of our lives gabi and rafe


“Days of Our Lives” fans have been watching Gabi, Sami,Kate, Will, Sonny, and EJ keep the secret that they all tried to cover up Nick’s alleged death, and now Rafe wants in on the secret.

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Will Rafe find out Gabi’s secret?

After EJ tells Rafe that Nick is dangerous and has information that could send his sister Gabi to jail, the detective just has to know that’s going on.

Will Rafe dig up the dirt he’s looking for and find out that Nick tried to attack Gabi, and she hit him in the head with a rock, later to dump his body in the river with the help of Sami and Kate?

What will Rafe do?

If Rafe finds out Gabi’s secret will he look at her differently? Rafe is a man of the law andhas mostly upheld the morals and standards that go along with being a police officer, but when family is involved it could be a whole other story.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Discussion: Will Nick kill Gabi?

days of our lives nick and gabi


“Days of Our Lives” fans have been loving to hate Nick Fallon. Since his return to the show in January he’s been nothing but evil blackmailing Kate and Sami, threatening EJ, Will, and Sonny, and messing with ex-wife Gabi’s emotions.

Is Nick planning something big?

In the Fall, Nick attacked Gabi, and she beat him over the head with a rock. Thinking she killed him, she enlisted the help of Kate and Sami to help her, and they suggest they throw his body into the freezing river.

However, Nick didn’t die like they thought, and when he returned to Salem after the holidays trouble followed.

Will Nick hurt Gabi?

While Nick claims all he wants is to start over fresh, some think that he could actually hurt someone, namely Gabi.

While Gabi is set to leave “Days of Our Lives” this Spring, it hasn’t been confirmed how she’ll exit, but fans are betting that it will have something to do with Nick.

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