‘Days of Our Lives” Why We Won’t Be Seeing John Black For Awhile

Days of Our Lives John Black.


“Days of Our Lives” fans have gotten used to the idea that the character of John Black is officially a part of the ongoing storylines in Salem yet again. His romance with Marlena is back on track, and he’s developing a relationship with Paul, the adult son he didn’t know he had until only recently, and he’s even started a new private investigative business with friend Steve Johnson.

However, all of those storylines will come to a startling halt for the foreseeable future as actor Drake Hogestyn, 62, had a terrible accident while working and suffered some pretty serious injuries. He’s reported to be doing well, but will be off work at “Days of Our Lives” until he’s fully recovered.

A source says that Drake was “severely injured at work about six weeks ago and due to the many injuries he sustained, he has been written out of the show for an unspecified period of time to allow him to heal from his injuries.”

We’re all wishing Drake a speedy recovery!

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Meet John Black’s Father!

days of our lives john black


“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that an actor has been cast as the long lost father of John Black. As many viewers know John’s past has been a huge source of distress for the character as he’s never really got a straight and truthful answer about where he comes from.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Meets His Mom, Things Get CRAZY

days of our lives john black


“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that John Black will finally meet his mother after decades of searching for answers and his family. The two won’t have a mushy tearful reunion, however, as John will come to realize that his own mother is out to get him.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady and Kristen Come Face to Face, John Goes To See Paul

Days of Our Lives Brady and Kristen.


Days of Our Lives fans are about to get the showdown they’ve been waiting for. Brady Black will finally find Kristen DiMera after months of Kristen lying and manipulating to not only steal Brady’s baby, but also keep that child under wraps.

Thanks to Melanie’s keen detective work, (Maybe someone should give her a job at the Salem P.D.) Brady believed in the chance that Kristen could have stolen he and Theresa’s child and went off to find her. This week they’ll finally come face to face.

According to We Love Soaps, Brady will find Kristen, , and when he finds that out that he does have a child he’ll obviously do everything he can to get that baby back and take him home to Salem to be raised by his father. However, due to Theresa Donovan’s  wild party girl ways will Brady tell his ex-girlfriend that Christopher is also her child?

It seems that since Days of Our Lives fans have seen Theresa becoming very emotional about the fact that she didn’t have Brady’s baby that raising a child could really change her life for the better. Perhaps she would settle down and get her life in order in hopes of raising Christopher, and since we all know that Melanie Jonas is leaving Salem very soon there could very well be a rekindling romance between Theresa and Brady in the near future.

According to the International Business Times, Brady’s father will also be busy with his own paternity drama. John Black will feel guilty about how he treated his new found son, Paul Norita, and fly out to San Francisco to try and make amends with him.

Hope and Aiden will also realize that their romance is harder than they thought it would be due to their jobs as a lawyer and police officer. Will then end up on opposite sides of a case?

As previously reported, Kristen isn’t the only one hiding secrets in Salem. Adrienne has been struggling with her affair with Lucas, Eve and JJ are still trying to hide their indiscretions, and Ben isn’t telling Abigail everything about his past.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers?

‘Days’ Spoilers: Marlena Finds Out John is Paul’s Father

“Days of Our Lives” fans have been waiting to find out who Paul Norita’s father is, and this week Marlena Evans will find out. Marlena will find the sensitive information on her grandson Will Horton’s tablet, and get a huge shock.

Marlena will find proof that her own husband John Black is actually Paul Norita’s biological father. Marlena will be the first to get the info, which will later come out at the charity benefit the Salemites will be attending.

Drake Hogestyn recently revealed to TV Insider that John will have  a lot to process by finding out he has an an Asian, gay, former professional baseball player son.

“It’s a trifecta! Yeah, it’s really a lot to handle. One minute John is telling Paul to get his ass out of town. Then, the next beat is, “Oh, my God, you’re my son!” There will be huge hurdles to overcome.”

Drake also reveals that the fact that Paul is gay won’t be a problem for John, who already loves gay step-grandson Will Horton and his husband Sonny Kiriakis and their daughter Ari more than anything.

“It’s not an issue and that’s very healthy. John is very cool and accepting and that’s important for the audience to see. The more we educate, the more we can fight the fear. This might have played out in a different way 20 years ago. In fact, even as recently as Will’s coming out, the writers had one of our characters having a problem with it but those lines were removed from the script. You can’t do that these days. Well, maybe you could have a villain be homophobic or racist, but you can’t do that with someone like John. [Laughs] He has enough issues of his own! We don’t need to pile it on. If anything, it’s Paul who has a problem. He tells John to go piss up a rope. But John is determined to get to know his son and forge a real relationship.”

John will be upset with Paul’s mom, Tori, about not telling him the truth. “She claims that she tried. In fact, she came back to Salem to tell John about the child but, by then, he was devoting his life to God. Remember when John was a paranormal priest and that led us into the exorcism story? Well, the writers are working with that time period. It doesn’t really track if you start putting the pieces together but, hey, you can sit at home and resist it, or just go with it. The audience will accept it if the actors play the truth.”

What are your thoughts on John being Paul’s father?

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Is Paul Norita John Black’s Son?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Paul Norita John Black's son?


Days of Our Lives fans have been trying to figure out just exactly who Paul Norita is. While it’s been established that he’s a former professional baseball player and Sonny Kiriakis’ former lover may viewers think there is much more to his story.

According to Salem Spectator message boards fans believe that Paul Norita is John Black’s son. Paul, a gay celebrity who is choosing to come out to Will Horton in Sonix Magazine speaks about his Japanese mother often, but never mentions his father.

This month Days of Our Lives fans will get to meet Paul’s mother, who will come to town just as Mr. Norita decides to publicly come out of the closet. In this same period of time Sonny will get his memories back after being brutally attacked and stabbed and remember that he knows his husband, Will Horton, had an affair with his former lover, Paul.

According to new spoilers when Paul’s mother comes to town she will know someone in Salem, and if that person is John Black then fans will be reeling that Mr. Black could actually be Paul’s father. John already has two children, Brady Black, whose mother was Isabella Kiriakis, and Belle Black, whose mother is John’s current wife, Marlena Evans.

John and Paul have met two times in the past. The first time Norita was having a bad day and snapped at Black when he gushed overt he baseball player. The second time Paul apologized to John for his early behavior and attitude.

Meanwhile, February is set to be a huge month in Salem. As previously reported Hope Brady’s life may be in danger when she finds out some startling things about her boyfriend Aiden Jenning’s wife’s death.

However, all may not be what it appears to be as some fans believe that Aiden’s wife, Meredith Jennings, may have faked her own death and then framed her husband for murder. Sure, it may sound like the movie Gone Girl, but there’s a twist. Meredith would have left her son, Chase, behind with Aiden. If she wanted to leave, why abandon her son in the process?

As Hope and Aiden are currently trapped in his cabin due to bad weather all is slowly being revealed to Hope, who will likely be shocked whenever the full truth about Meredith’s death comes out.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers? Do you think Paul is John’s son?

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: John Knows Brady Is Innocent, Theresa Going To Jail?

days of our lives spoilers

Days Of Our Lives spoilers. (NBC)

“Days Of Our Lives” has really been heating up. The drama in Salem, USA seems to keep coming, and this week John is alive and awake from his coma, and he knows something huge.

John will tell Brady, and likely anyone else who will listen, that his son was not to blame for his attack, and he knows this for a fact. It looks like there is no amnesia for John Black, which is sometimes a big storyline on soaps such as “Days Of Our Lives.”

However, will John remember the real person who attacked him, Brady’s then-bride, Theresa Donovan? John will send for Theresa, who will be a nervous wreck, of course, thinking she’s done for, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports about the latest “Days Of Our Lives” spoilers.

If John remembers that Theresa is the one who hit him over the head, sending him into a serious coma with a lot of head trauma, is there any way that Ms. Donovan will end up in jail? In real life, sure, but on “Days Of Our Lives,” probably not.

Theresa Donoavan has become a big character on “Days Of Our Lives,” and has a huge fan following. She’s quickly become one of Salem’s bad girls, that fans love to hate, and love to watch cause trouble for the more wholesome characters on the soap opera.

If Theresa does end up in jail it won’t be for long, because a character on a soap can only have a storyline while locked behind bars for so long, and “Days Of Our Lives” needs Theresa Donovan to be running around Salem causing trouble, not sitting in a jail cell at the Salem police department.

However, some jail/prison storylines have been huge for “Days Of Our Lives,” such as two separate times that Sami Brady was arrested, and once when she was nearly executed by lethal injection before Lucas Roberts saved her.

Sure, “Days Of Our Lives” have written characters off the show by sending them to prison, most recently Gabi Hernandez who was found guilty of murdering Nick Fallon, but it doesn’t seem that Theresa will be going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

What do you think about John Black recovering on “Days Of Our Lives?” Will he rat out Theresa for attacking him?

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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Susan Causes Trouble, John Is Awake

days of our lives spoilers

Days of Our Lives spoilers. (NBC)

“Days Of Our Lives” fans are in for a treat the week of Sept. 29 – Oct. 3. According to the latest Celeb Dirty Laundry, the latest spoilers are pretty juicy.

EJ’s mother, Susan Banks, is back in Salem, and she will undoubtedly cause trouble for her son, his family and Kristen.

“Days Of Our Lives” fans will remember Susan Banks as the women who gave birth to Elvis DiMera (EJ), but let Kristen pass him off as her own child with John Black.

Well, things did not work out well for Kristen’s plan when Susan imprisoned her in the secret room (with Marlena) and took over her life.

Later, EJ returned to “Days Of Our Lives” to follow in his evil father, Stefano DiMera’s footsteps, but was softened when he fell in love with Sami Brady. The two now have a gaggle of children together and are currently getting ready to remarry yet again.

However, Susan may cause problems for EJ and Sami’s wedding as she’ll not approve of the women her son has fallen for, The Inquisitr previously reported.

Meanwhile, Susan and Kristen will also battle it out as there is a lot of bad blood between the women, and they are sure to get into some sort of cat fight for “Days Of Our Lives” viewers to enjoy.

In other parts of Salem, Hope will drop the bomb on Maggie and Victor that she’s decided to divorce her absentee hubby, Bo Brady, and will then go on her first date with new love interest, hunky lawyer Aiden Jennings. However, the date won’t go quite as planned for the eager couple.

Speaking of couples, one “Days Of Our Lives” couple are about to seriously heat up.According to the IB Times, Ben and Abigail will finally make love, which could help Abby get over her affair with EJ DiMera and the fact that her ex-boyfriend, Chad DiMera, is back in Salem.

There will also be a lot of emotion during this week’s “Days Of Our Lives” episodes as John Black is finally awake and out of his coma. John and wife Marlena will have a tearful reunion, and his son Brady will be overjoyed to have his father back.

However, there will be one Salem resident who won’t be happy about John’s awakening and that’s Theresa Donovan. Will John remember that Theresa is the one who attacked him and put him in the coma? Things don’t look good for Salem’s newest bad girl and fans can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

What do you think about this week’s “Days Of Our Lives” spoilers?

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Days of Our Lives spoilers: John wakes up!

days of our lives john and marlena


“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the week ahead reveal that John Black will finally wake up out of his coma.

Sources reveal that Marlena will give up hope of Kristen and Stefano’s “miracle drug” working on her estranged husband, and will seemingly surrender to a life without John in it.

However, just when she believes her husband is gone for good John will wake up for his “Doc.”

Will John stay awake and make a full recovery, and if so, what does this mean for Theresa?

Fans watched as Theresa attacked John and then framed her then-husband, Brady Black, for his father’s demise.

Since that time, Brady has straightened up his life, cutting out booze and drugs, and most importantly Theresa and Kristen.

However, both women still want Brady, and are trying to do whatever they can to get him and keep him.

Meanwhile, if John wakes up and remembers what happened the night he was attacked, Theresa could be headed for prison, with no chance of ever getting Brady back, which is just want Kristen wants, and plans to expose with the help of…Daniel?

It’s true, Theresa has done a lot of bad things to a lot of people during her short time in Salem, but “Days of Our Lives” bad girls are usually the most fun to watch, and with Alison Sweeney’s Sami on her way out, there has to be a new pot stirrer to take her place, and it seems Theresa is just the one to fill the position.

What do you think about John waking up for Marlena on “Days of Our Lives?”

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‘Days’ Discussion: Will Marlena be torn between John and Roman again?

days of our lives john and marlena


“Days of Our Lives” fans have watched as Marlena Evans has been torn between John Black and Roman Brady for decades, and her heart seemingly still hasn’t decided.

Will Marlena be caught in a John/Roman love triangle again?

According to the latest spoilers, Marlena could flip flop yet again, as John returns to town and upsets her.

It seems Marlena will lean on Roman, and knowing them, a romance could, and will likely brew between the former spouses.

Another reason that Marlena could be leaning more Roman’s way these days is their shared interest in their son Eric’s life.

Will Roman or John help Marlena clear Eric’s name?

Marlena will seemingly stop at nothing to clear Eric’s name and get him away from Nicole, and back to the church as a priest.

Will Roman help Marlena in her battle, or will John swoop in and save the day, winning her heart all over again?

Either way, it seems “Days” fans have a lot of John/Marlena/Roman scenes coming their way.

What do you think of Marlena being torn between John and Roman yet again on “Days of Our Lives?” Tweet us@DaysUpdate or  leave a comment below.

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