‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Shocking Double Kidnapping Coming!

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“Days of Our Lives” viewers are in for another dramatic month in Salem. In addition to all the craziness and doom and gloom that is currently going on, yet another ordeal will take place soon, and it’s a double kidnapping. It looks like Marlena and one of Salem’s youngest characters will find themselves in serious danger.


‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Marlena Attacked By The Killer, Chad and Abigail Busted

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“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for Wednesday reveal that Marlena Evans is the next target of the Salem serial killer. The necktie killer will try to strangle Marlena and leave her fighting for her life. However, someone may end up dead after the encounter.

Meanwhile, Chad and Abigail can’t stay away from each other, and will be busted by the obviously angry Ben Weston.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Marlena The Next Target Of Salem Serial Killer

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“Days of Our Lives” fans who love Dr. Marlena Evans may have reason to be getting nervous. Marlena will become the target of the Salem serial killer after she chooses to help Chad remember what he’s been forgetting when it comes to the time of the murders. Marlena will hypnotize Chad and later find herself in serious danger.

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‘Days’ Spoilers: Marlena Finds Out John is Paul’s Father

“Days of Our Lives” fans have been waiting to find out who Paul Norita’s father is, and this week Marlena Evans will find out. Marlena will find the sensitive information on her grandson Will Horton’s tablet, and get a huge shock.

Marlena will find proof that her own husband John Black is actually Paul Norita’s biological father. Marlena will be the first to get the info, which will later come out at the charity benefit the Salemites will be attending.

Drake Hogestyn recently revealed to TV Insider that John will have  a lot to process by finding out he has an an Asian, gay, former professional baseball player son.

“It’s a trifecta! Yeah, it’s really a lot to handle. One minute John is telling Paul to get his ass out of town. Then, the next beat is, “Oh, my God, you’re my son!” There will be huge hurdles to overcome.”

Drake also reveals that the fact that Paul is gay won’t be a problem for John, who already loves gay step-grandson Will Horton and his husband Sonny Kiriakis and their daughter Ari more than anything.

“It’s not an issue and that’s very healthy. John is very cool and accepting and that’s important for the audience to see. The more we educate, the more we can fight the fear. This might have played out in a different way 20 years ago. In fact, even as recently as Will’s coming out, the writers had one of our characters having a problem with it but those lines were removed from the script. You can’t do that these days. Well, maybe you could have a villain be homophobic or racist, but you can’t do that with someone like John. [Laughs] He has enough issues of his own! We don’t need to pile it on. If anything, it’s Paul who has a problem. He tells John to go piss up a rope. But John is determined to get to know his son and forge a real relationship.”

John will be upset with Paul’s mom, Tori, about not telling him the truth. “She claims that she tried. In fact, she came back to Salem to tell John about the child but, by then, he was devoting his life to God. Remember when John was a paranormal priest and that led us into the exorcism story? Well, the writers are working with that time period. It doesn’t really track if you start putting the pieces together but, hey, you can sit at home and resist it, or just go with it. The audience will accept it if the actors play the truth.”

What are your thoughts on John being Paul’s father?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: John wakes up!

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“Days of Our Lives” spoilers for the week ahead reveal that John Black will finally wake up out of his coma.

Sources reveal that Marlena will give up hope of Kristen and Stefano’s “miracle drug” working on her estranged husband, and will seemingly surrender to a life without John in it.

However, just when she believes her husband is gone for good John will wake up for his “Doc.”

Will John stay awake and make a full recovery, and if so, what does this mean for Theresa?

Fans watched as Theresa attacked John and then framed her then-husband, Brady Black, for his father’s demise.

Since that time, Brady has straightened up his life, cutting out booze and drugs, and most importantly Theresa and Kristen.

However, both women still want Brady, and are trying to do whatever they can to get him and keep him.

Meanwhile, if John wakes up and remembers what happened the night he was attacked, Theresa could be headed for prison, with no chance of ever getting Brady back, which is just want Kristen wants, and plans to expose with the help of…Daniel?

It’s true, Theresa has done a lot of bad things to a lot of people during her short time in Salem, but “Days of Our Lives” bad girls are usually the most fun to watch, and with Alison Sweeney’s Sami on her way out, there has to be a new pot stirrer to take her place, and it seems Theresa is just the one to fill the position.

What do you think about John waking up for Marlena on “Days of Our Lives?”

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‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Marlena and Roman getting back together?

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Days of Our Lives spoilers for this week reveal that Marlena Evans will get jealous when she finds out that her ex-husband, Roman Brady, has a date with a high profile socialite.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Marlena and Roman getting back together?

As Marlena’s estranged husband, John Black, is back in Salem, many fans thought that John and Marlena may be rekindling their love, but instead, it seems Dr. Evans may be leaning back toward her first love, Roman.

Will Days of Our Lives fans see another John/Marlena/Roman love triangle as they have many times in the past, or will Marlena actually chose Roman this time, and possibly restart their life together.

Will Sami finally get her wish?

Marlena and Roman have two children together, twins Sami and Eric, who are both currently characters on the show. Although Sami (played by Alison Sweeney) is leaving, both she and her brother Eric have some issues going on currently that they could certainly use their parents banned together for. Perhaps, Sami will get what she’s always wanted, her parents back together.

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‘Days’ Discussion: Will Marlena be torn between John and Roman again?

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“Days of Our Lives” fans have watched as Marlena Evans has been torn between John Black and Roman Brady for decades, and her heart seemingly still hasn’t decided.

Will Marlena be caught in a John/Roman love triangle again?

According to the latest spoilers, Marlena could flip flop yet again, as John returns to town and upsets her.

It seems Marlena will lean on Roman, and knowing them, a romance could, and will likely brew between the former spouses.

Another reason that Marlena could be leaning more Roman’s way these days is their shared interest in their son Eric’s life.

Will Roman or John help Marlena clear Eric’s name?

Marlena will seemingly stop at nothing to clear Eric’s name and get him away from Nicole, and back to the church as a priest.

Will Roman help Marlena in her battle, or will John swoop in and save the day, winning her heart all over again?

Either way, it seems “Days” fans have a lot of John/Marlena/Roman scenes coming their way.

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‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Marlena makes a deal with the devil

days of our lives marlena and stefano


“Days of Our Lives” fans watched as Marlena was none too happy about her son Eric leaving the church and pursuing a relationship with Nicole. However, this week she’ll make a deal with Stefano in order to help her son.

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: Marlena makes a deal with Stefano

According to the latest spoilers, Marlena turns to Stefano for help, as he, of course, can produce evidence that will clear Eric’s name, allowing him to return to being a priest, if he so wishes.

After Marlena heard Nicole’s story about how Dr. Chyka got away, she was not convinced about Nicole’s sincerity in helping Eric clear his name, and will now turn to the one person she’s always hated, Stefano.

What will this cost Marlena?

Of course, Stefano has always had a soft spot for Marlena, and been obsessed with her at time, calling her his “Queen of the night,” so it’s likely that he’ll try to help her out in some way, but at what cost?

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‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers: John and Marlena’s reunion revealed

days of our lives john and marlena


“Days of Our Lives” fans have been waiting for John Black to return to Salem, and reunite with his longtime love, Marlena Evans, and very soon they’ll get to see it.

Deidre Hall, who portrays Marlena on ‘Days,’ is revealing just how the power couple will come face to face again.

Here’s how it happens:

“I’m going through the park,” says Deidre Hall (Marlena) in character. “I stop to do something in my handbag, and I hear, ‘Doc.’ We all get chills, because nobody else calls her that.”

“I thought, What would that moment be like? How would that happen?” she says. “I had to, first of all, freeze in place and, then, turn and take forever to see him again… So it’s good,” Hall added of John and Marlena’s reunion.

Marlena’s angry at John

However, it seems that John and Marlena’s reunion won’t be all sweet. “We had one scene where I turn on him and go after him,” recounts Hall. “He tries to involve himself in something that’s not really his business, and I turn on him. ‘Where were you? Why weren’t you here? I have so many reasons to be angry at you…'” says Deidre.

Love is in the air in Salem…

It does look like they’ll be plenty of Black and Evans to go around Salem though. “I don’t know what they’re doing with the couple,” contends Hall. “But if, in fact, they’re setting up the reintroduction of a love story, this is how you do it,” Hall speculated.

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Remember When Marlena was Possessed?

marlena possessed days of our lives


Remember when Marlena was possessed on ‘Days of Our Lives?’

It’s our favorite day of the week, “Throw back Thursday,” and today’s is a great one!

Remember when Marlena was possessed? We do, and even though it was in 1995, and seemed silly at the time, it was actually a unique and interesting storyline which involved John, (when he was a priest!) Kristen, Tony, and Stefano!

Check out the clips below for a walk down memory lane as Marlena goes full on ‘Exorcist’ on “Days of Our Lives!”

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