Remember When Lucas saved Sami from being executed?

Sami execution days of our lives


Remember when Sami was nearly executed on “Days of Our Lives?”

It was one of Sami Brady’s biggest, and best, storylines. After Kate and Lucas framed Samantha for her fiancé Franco’s murder, Sami was sent to prison and put on death row.

The day of her execution came, and she ominously walked down the prison hall to her death. “Dead woman walking,” the guard called out, as Sami walked with guards, a priest, and her mother, Marlena.

Sami was hooked up to an I.V. as she lie on a table behind glass. On the other side of the glass was her family members such as Marlena, John, Roman, Bo, Hope, and more.

Sami was due to die by lethal injection, and the process was quickly started.

It was nearly complete when Lucas burst through the doors screaming for them to stop, that it had been him, not Sami, who was responsible for Franco’s death.

Of course, Lucas saved Sami and the two went on to get married and have another child together.

Although they are no longer together, the pair have found a way to be in each other’s lives for their kids, and the moment Lucas saved Sami will go down as one of the best in ‘Days’ history!

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Remember When Marlena was Possessed?

marlena possessed days of our lives


Remember when Marlena was possessed on ‘Days of Our Lives?’

It’s our favorite day of the week, “Throw back Thursday,” and today’s is a great one!

Remember when Marlena was possessed? We do, and even though it was in 1995, and seemed silly at the time, it was actually a unique and interesting storyline which involved John, (when he was a priest!) Kristen, Tony, and Stefano!

Check out the clips below for a walk down memory lane as Marlena goes full on ‘Exorcist’ on “Days of Our Lives!”

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Remember When Vivian buried Carly alive?

carly buried alive days of our lives


Remember when Vivian buried Carly alive on ‘Days of Our Lives’

It’s throwback Thursday, and we’ve got a good one this week! Remember when Carly was buried alive by Vivian?

Sure it was in 1993, but it was one of ‘Days of Our Lives’ biggest, most dramatic, and best story lines.

Check out the clips below to a reminder!

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